Text Segmentation

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Text Segmentation
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    • Text segmentation is an inherent part of an OCR system irrespective of the domain of application of it. The OCR system contains a segmentation module where the text lines, words and ultimately the characters must be segmented properly for its successful recognition. The present work implements a Hough transform based technique for line and word segmentation from digitized images...

    Satadal Sahaet al. A Hough Transform based Technique for Text Segmentation

    • Text segmentation is a very critical step to many applications and while it has been addressed extensively for the English language, work on text segmentation for other languages is still lagging behind...

    Michael A. El-Shayebet al. ArabicSeg: An Arabic News Story Segmentation System

    • Text segmentation is the process of converting information in unstructured text into structured records. This is an important problem since structured data is amenable to efficient query processing. CRFs are a class of discriminative probabilistic models that are gaining acceptance as an effective computing machinery for text segmentation. An important aspect of CRFs is learning model parameters from labeled training data. Labeling can be a labor intensive process...

    Chang Zhaoet al. Exploiting Structured Reference Data for Unsupervised Text Segmentatio...

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