A switched-boost topology for renewable power application

A switched-boost topology for renewable power application,10.1109/IPECON.2010.5697026,Saurabh Upadhyay,R. Adda,S. Mishra,A. Joshi

A switched-boost topology for renewable power application   (Citations: 4)
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This paper proposes a novel switched-boost converter suitable for microgrid application. The proposed converter can provide a DC output, which is greater than the input voltage. Apart from a DC, it can be, simultaneously, used to supply an AC load. In order to supply an AC load it has to be cascaded with a Voltage source inverter (VSI). While operating with a VSI, it avails all the advantages of a Z-source inverter, with half the number of passive components. During AC operation, it prevents the shoot-though current due to mis-gating and provides superior noise immunity. The circuit operation, analysis, PWM control strategy, and experimental results are provided to verify the proposed topology.
Conference: International Power Engineering Conference - IPEC , pp. 758-762, 2010
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